Office Makeover Sneak Peek

David and I have been hard at work making over the office/craft room. We used to call this the “junk drawer” because anything we didn’t know what to do with would end up in here. Now it’s well on its way to being a very functional space where I can sew and craft and where the kids can do their homework.

 Just this weekend we bought a great countertop height chair for this space. So, here’s a bit of a sneak peek at the space. More updates to come! 


Episode 1: Topicless Carwash

David and I have started getting slightly tipsy and then recording our conversations. Our first attempt I posted on Facebook–I’m sure it will show up here sometime.

This episode is all about that Boom Boom Pow. We discover something new about it using the Google. Also, sex robots? Enjoy!