Pots for Spring

I have a black thumb, and I regularly kill plants. I’m just terrible with them. However, I got some succulents for Christmas, and managed to keep them alive so far. I’m very pleased.

So, I thought I’d get a few more and put them in pots around the house.

I started out with just some plain pots.

I decided to do two sets: one cheerful set for spring and one more serious ombre set. I started by painting them all white.

Then for the ombre set, I loaded half my brush with white and half with grey paint. I did a video of the process:

They ended up so cute!


For the spring ones, I first mixed a little grout with some white paint and did a base coat. This gave them some great texture. Then I painted them with paint mixed with a little water to do a more washed look. They are so cheerful, they make me a little sick.


I’m very hopeful that I can keep them alive. At very least, the cactus won’t end up dead.

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