Spiked Earring Collection

I have a thing for spikes.

My perfect outfit is one that makes me feel like I could kick someone’s ass. Granted, this usually involves heels, and those are only ass-kicking gear in movies and male fantasy–and my wardrobe, apparently.

But, beyond heels and a lot of black, it can also involve spikes. Because what else says “I can kick your ass” like spikes?

These are some spike earrings I found while exploring Etsy. I could rock any of these pairs happily. Give me these and a studded jacket and I’d be out the door.

Shell Spike Earrings White Turquoise Earrings
EDGY RAW QUARTZ Spike Earrings Long Fake Gauge Earring
Sterling Silver Spike Earrings Spike Earrings, Gold Dipped Earrings
Tiny Spike Stud earrings Herkimer Diamonds and Gold Vermeil Spike Minimalist Threader Earrings